Many children can struggle to become competent eaters and parents often find meal times frustrating and stressful. Some children may struggle with managing different textures and flavours and end up with a reduced variety of foods. This reduced variety can impact their health, growth and development, lead to social anxiety when eating with friends at school or parties and can cause lead to stressful family meals.

Jodie Sheraton been working in the field for over 10 years and has experience in a wide range of nutrition related areas such as emotional eating, weight concerns, clinical eating disorders, family meal time therapy and child nutrition. She has additional training and experience with children who present as fussy eaters or problem feeders.

Jodie can assist families who have a child who eats a low volume of food and presents with poor weight gain, a child who eats a limited variety of tastes and textures each day. She can also assist with those who have noticed that their child has developed some undesirable behaviours around eating. Families who experience power struggle at meals times can benefit from Jodie’s strategies that encourage parents to take leadership with the what, when, and where of feeding and give children autonomy with the how much and whether of eating, restoring more enjoyable family meal times.

Those working with Jodie can expect to experience a more positive interaction with food. Jodie helps families to establish mealtime routines, cues to eating and increase the range of foods a child will touch, taste, eat. This approach helps to increase a child’s variety and volume of food so that individual child meets all their nutritional needs.

Jodie is an accredited SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) feeding consultant which is a therapy for fussy eaters & problem feeders.

Children who would benefit from a dietitian session with Jodie could be a:

  • Child who has a low volume of oral intake or poor appetite
  • Child who has poor weight gain or growth concerns
  • Child who has a limited variety of tastes and textures in diet
  • Child who has difficulties transitioning to advanced textures
  • Child who has maladaptive behaviours around eating
  • Child who has a disability that impacts on their capacity to eat
  • Families who power struggle at meals
  • Families who choose to be vegetarian or vegan

Jodie works with both the parents, and child, to eat at a pace that respects their readiness to progress through learning the different steps involved in eating. Gradually she will help build the skills needed to prepare and eat a wide variety of foods and textures using the natural, social reinforcement of playing with the food and interacting with adults. Through this work you will experience an increased confidence, skills and understanding when feeding your child.

Jodie is a NDIS registered provider, Medicare and Private Health recognised Provider – rebates are available where eligible.

To see Jodie at KidsPoint in 2019 on Fridays please call 02 43 354 000