Josie McCausland

Josie is passionate about supporting children and their families who struggle with feeding disorders, nutritional deficiencies, gastrointestinal issues, growth concerns and allergies or intolerances. She works closely with her clients and their families to empower them to feel confident in improving their health through targeted and practical nutrition interventions and strategies.

Josie has completed additional training in feeding therapy, paeditric nutrition and the NIDS to provide optimal support for her clients. Additionally, she has experienced working with children who have complex feeding histories

Josie knows that nutrition information can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming, but she is committed to ongoing study to provide the best evidence-based information to her clients. She loves to learn and is willing to rummage through nutrition misinformation so her clients don’t have to.

Josie’s other role at Optimum Intake includes working within the clinics team. She has a particular interest in gut health and supporting individuals who live with functional gut disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Constipation. Josie knows that everyone experiences different symptoms that can range from mild to debilitating. She understands the impact it can have on an individual’s social, emotional, physical, professional (and even financial!) wellbeing. Josie has completed the Monash University Low FODMAP Diet for IBS training and uses this knowledge to provide clients with strategies and dietary changes that improve these uncomfortable symptoms such as bloating, altered bowel habits, pain and excess wind.

Josie is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and a member of Dietitian’s Australia, with a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics ( Honours Class 1) from the University of Newcastle. Josie loves being able to help others improve their health, wellbeing, and quality of life through optimising their eating behaviours and nutritional intake.