Maddie is a kind and warm and compassionate person who strives to treat individuals equally and places the client at the centre of interventions, with a focus on what a purposeful outcome means to them. Maddie takes a highly collaborative approach with everyone involved in supporting clients to achieve their goals.

With two key areas of interest: Bariatric Nutrition and Disability Nutrition, she is considerate of various aspects of health including physical and mental, as well as emotional wellbeing, and enjoys seeing clients build on their knowledge, skills and confidence when it comes to food.
In addition to Maddie’s passion for supporting and advocating for people living with disability, she has a keen interest in working alongside people post bariatric surgery. Maddie works collaboratively with medical teams and clients to facilitate positive behaviour change.
Maddie is aware of the overwhelming amount of nutrition information available to people and how confusing, conflicting and difficult it can be to navigate. Maddie aims to provide clarity and confidence on people’s nutrition journey.

Maddie is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and full member of Dietitians Australia, with a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics and background experience as a Disability Support Practitioner. Whilst working in disability, Maddie recognised the important role of dietitians and was excited to transition into this aspect of health.

Outside of work, Maddie enjoys investing in her relationships with other people, being active and challenging herself, trying new things and learning new skills.

Maddie is excited by the opportunity to see people develop positive relationships with food, enjoyment in everyday eating and confidence to make sustainable change. Maddie looks forward to supporting your journey to optimal nutrition.