Experienced Dietitians Newcastle & Central Coast

Dietitians enhancing your health and independence through nutritional knowledge & eating skills.

Making Nutrition Information Straightforward and Accessible

Do you live with a chronic health condition or disability, have fussy eaters, lack cooking skills or want to boost your energy and mood with food?

Our highly skilled, experienced, and compassionate non-diet dietitians will help you reach your health and nutrition goals, while fostering a positive relationship with food.

Speak with our Care Coordinators, and we’ll pair you with the right dietitian to meet your unique nutrition needs.

Providing services across Gosford, Erina, Tuggerah, Wyong, Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Nelson Bay and Lower Hunter areas.

Optimum intake team

Multi-skilled Team

Our 20+ dietitians each with dedicated interest areas within the broad scope of nutrition, and regularly invest in enhancing their skillset so you receive the best level of care and expertise.

Community expo display

Community Network

With over 16 years of providing dietetic services in Newcastle and the Central Coast, we’ve established a strong network of health professionals

Dietitian consult room

Face to Face & Telehealth

Whether you prefer dietitian sessions from the comfort of your home or connecting in person, we have flexible service options for you

We listen first, speak second

Forget working with a generic dietitian, where you’re spoken at and leave with a handful of resources and nothing more than “good luck”

Imagine walking into a space that feels more like your living room than a doctor’s office, where you’re matched with a dietitian who deeply understands your needs.

Our 20+ team of HAES and non-diet dietitians combine decades of client experience, skilled knowledge and client-centred care.

We work with you to create tailored plans so you feel heard, inspired and empowered to reach your goals.

Optimum team at dietitians unite

Ready to enhance your health and independence with
nutritional knowledge and eating skills?

Fill in the enquiry form (or phone us), and our team will match you with the best dietitian compatible with your nutrition needs and goals.

Our Areas of Expertise

Disability Nutrition Support

Imagine working with an NDIS Dietitian who actually listens to what you want.

Our inclusive, accessible, and non-judgmental NDIS dietitians work with you to ensure you feel empowered, confident, and more independent after each session.

If you need help with eating and feeding, our simplistic, real-life approach to food and mealtimes is a refreshing and positive experience.

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NDIS Dietitian Central Coast
residential aged care dietitian

Residential Aged Care

Looking for a practical food first and cost-effective approach to improving your resident’s nutrition?

Our experienced residential aged-care dietitians collaborate with management, clinical, and catering teams to manage malnutrition, dehydration, chronic conditions and more.

Enhance your residents’ health and well-being with our comprehensive nutritional assessments, therapeutic diets, and enteral feeding support, all while meeting Aged Care Quality Standards and creating a pleasing menu and mealtime experience.

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Aged Care Packages

Do you or your loved one need nutrition support to restore strength, independence, and confidence so that you can remain living and thriving at home?

Our aged care dietitians bring personalised nutrition services to your doorstep without compromising comfort, autonomy, and connection.

Make mealtimes easy and enjoyable and meet nutrition requirements with customised meal plans and nutrition supplements that fit your lifestyle.

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community aged care dietitian
Child Nutrition

Children’s Nutrition

Looking for strategies to boost your child’s nutrition while easing mealtime stress?

Whether your child has sensory, growth, or feeding concerns, our experienced team of paediatric dietitians work with you to make mealtime a happier place for the whole family.

Through our no-pressure approach, feel empowered to choose the “what, when, and where” of meals while your child decides “how much” or “whether” to eat.

Develop your child’s autonomy and confidence with all foods, and foster a sustainable, balanced relationship with food.

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Premium Dietitian Services

From your first steps to your busiest years, we’re here to support your ever-changing nutritional needs and health goals

Women’s Health

Tired of on-size-fits-all nutrition advice? Receive tailored support for a woman’s unique health challenges, from menopause to endometriosis and more

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Sports Nutrition

Looking to enhance your performance, accelerate recovery, and minimise injuries? Let our sports dietitians craft a nutrition plan that gets you a step closer to your sporting goals

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Weight Concerns

Want to work with a non-diet dietitian who looks beyond weight to improve your health? We adopt a Health at Every Size HAES ® and client-centred approach for you to unpack weight concerns safely

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Eating Disorders

Searching for a compassionate and experienced dietitian to guide your eating disorder recovery? We’re here to make the journey less daunting, walking with you every step of the way

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Chronic Health Conditions

Overwhelmed managing your chronic health condition alone? From diabetes to heart disease and more, reduce your risk of complications and enhance your health with practical nutrition advice

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Vegetarian/Vegan Nutrition

Confused by plant-based nutrition information? Get clear, accurate and tailored nutrition advice that aligns with your values

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Bariatric Nutrition

Concerned about your nutrition post-bariatric surgery? Receive customised dietary plans that support your recovery and reduce the risk of nutritional deficiencies

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Fertility and Pregnancy

Want to enhance your fertility and pregnancy through nutrition without added stress? We simplify conception, prenatal, and postnatal nutrition, taking the guesswork of your journey

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Workplace Nutrition Workshops

Looking for effective ways to improve employee health and wellbeing? Enjoy our interactive nutrition workshops that go beyond what to eat

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Ready to boost your nutrition knowledge, skills and confidence?

Inclusion Statement

There is much diversity in the food we eat as there are diversity in the people we serve.

Every body is deserving of access to appropriate and safe healthcare services.


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Do you do face-to-face sessions?

Yes. Whether you prefer dietitian sessions from the comfort of your home or connecting in person at one of our clinic locations, we have flexible service options for you

How much does it cost to work with a dietitian?

Our fees typically range from $125 – $215 per consultation, depending on the duration of the session and follow-up documentation requirements. All fees are discussed in advance with you.

Do I need a referral to work with a dietitian?

No, you don’t need a referral to work with our dietitians. However, if you want to claim a portion of your session fee through Medicare, you will need a specific referral from your GP.

What if I want to lose weight?

At Optimum Intake, we understand your desire to lose weight; however, we focus on sustainable habits rather than a number on the scales. This might include learning to respect and celebrate all bodies, developing a positive relationship with food and movement, listening to your body’s internal hunger and fullness cues, and removing the stress of strict dieting.

How many sessions will I need?

On average, we see our clients well on their way to achieving their nutrition goals after the first 3-5 sessions. Then, to see sustained results, we offer ongoing support to establish routines and new behaviours with an additional 3-5 sessions on average.

What if I have to cancel my appointment?

Our Dietitian sessions are a high-demand service, and as a result, we have created a cancellation and rescheduling policy to protect the large blocks of valuable time allowed for each client session and the preparation time your clinician undertakes prior to your appointment. We also wish to be fair to those patients on our waiting list needing an earlier appointment.