Vegetarian, vegan and plant-based diets are becoming ever more popular in our community. Reasons for following these dietary patterns vary and may include ethical or environmental reasons. Plant based style diets are also growing in popularity due to emerging research around the health benefits of including more fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts in our diet.

At Optimum Intake Dieitians, we are passionate about supporting you in following a dietary pattern that suits your Vegetarian and Vegan Lifestyle whilst tailoring advice to suit your individualised needs.

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Our dietitians can help you navigate a path to balanced plant-based nutrition, providing your body with all that it needs to thrive. With careful planning, almost all nutrients can be met through vegan and vegetarian diets without the need for supplementation. Without careful planning, plant-based diets can quickly lead to deficiencies causing low energy levels, poor performance and an increase in generally illness. Our dietitians will assist you in recognising nutrients you need to pay specific attention to when following a plant-based diet and empower you with simple strategies to assist with meeting these needs. We take a food first approach but can also assist with advice around supplementation as required.

A plant-based diet or introducing more vegetarian style eating in your lifestyle is a great way to explore new and interesting foods that you may not have tried previously. Our dietitians can support you with simple recipe ideas that can introduce you to flavours, textures and cooking styles that will bring your taste buds to life! We can also provide you with strategies for eating socially or convenient options for when short on time to ensure you feel confident and capable to meet your needs.

Our dietitians aim to foster healthy relationships with food and eating amongst all our clients. This extends to those following plant-based styles of eating. We can help to alleviate any stress or concerns you or loved ones may have about following a vegetarian or vegan style diet.

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