Optimum Intake can tailor design presentations to suit your individual health / workplace requirements. Good Health is Good Business.

Food choices for work are often seen as an after-thought, or even a hindrance. Given that the average full-time worker could spend almost half their day, 5 days a week preparing for, travelling to and from or being at work, common sense would suggest that this is where they should be receiving half of their dietary requirements. Poor nutrition leads to poor health, bringing on a lack of energy, strength and coordination. In the workplace this translates to reduced productivity, morale and greater time lost to illness or injury.

Workplace Health and Wellbeing Dietitian

What is the cost of poor food choices?

Poor diet on the job is costing countries around the world up to 20 per cent in lost productivity, either due to malnutrition that plagues some one billion people in developing countries or the excess weight and obesity afflicting an equal number mostly in industrialised economies. Promoting healthy lifestyle choices within the workplace has been shown to result in improvements in diet and physical activity which in turn relates to increased morale, increased productivity and reduced sick days.

How can Optimum Intake contribute to healthy eating in my workplace?

Our Dietitians are Accredited Practising Dietitians (APD), Accredited Nutritionists (AN), and members of Dietitian’s Australia (DA). We provide nutrition and lifestyle information with ongoing professional support to the individuals that make up workplaces to achieve optimum health. We are passionate about food and healthy lifestyles, and plan for success by setting achievable and meaningful goals help develop more healthy, sustainable eating habits. We have access to innovative analysis tools to gain detailed knowledge and understanding of the unique needs, tastes and preferences of your employees. We recognise that promoting health within the workplace has moved beyond traditional education and strive to promote a more holistic approach to health in the workplace. Interventions which combine education, behavioural modification and environmental changes are more likely to bring about long term changes to health. For that reason Optimum Intake offers a range of workplace health packages to suit the needs of your business.

Individual Sessions

Combining evidence based best practise, comprehensive computer based nutrition analysis and behavioural coaching techniques, Optimum Intake can provide individual nutrition interventions, tailored to the specific needs of your employees.

Team Sessions

  • Motivate – Healthy Eating & Making the Change
  • Invigorate -Creating a Fatigue Resistant Workplace
  • Stimulate – Interactive food Appreciation session
  • Accelerate – High Performance Lifestyle choices
  • Moderate – Finding the Balance for Health in Life

Hands on Healthy Eating

Workplace Health Expos / Cooking Demonstrations / Invigorate Lunch and Snack Boxes / Moderate Workplace Health Challenge / Accelerate Workplace Step Challenge / Accelerate Workplace Fruit & Snack Bar / Motivate Breakfast Club

Healthy Eating Toolkit

Newsletters / Corporate Health Vouchers / Recipe Books / Portion Perfection / Workplace Health Library/ Pedometers

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