Optimum Intake Dietitian’s started out in 2007 on the NSW Central Coast, we have since grown to be a team who offer both in home and from nutrition clinics across the Central Coast and Newcastle areas.

Your journey with us starts with a nutritional assessment. Our nutritional assessments are all about getting to know you! It will be a session that will require you to participate and engage in so that we can form a collaborative approach to optimise your nutritional care.

We are so excited to help you take back your health and take charge of your eating. Together, we’ll develop a personalised plan to help you restore your eating confidence. Our sessions are designed to help educate, guide and inspire you, so that you have the knowledge and tools to feel like your best self. If you’re done with fads and frustration, then you’ve come to the right place. All of our clients receive evidence-based, individualised strategies and tools, to improve your digestion, sleep, bloods, mood, physical health, find food enjoyment in a healthy, satisfying and sustainable way.

Dietitian Consult

Lot’s of people give dietary advice. What’s so different about a Dietitian?

Accredited Practising Dietitian’s are university qualified health professionals with the expertise and skills to provide nutrition and dietary advice. With extensive training and clinical experience, Dietitian’s are uniquely placed to provide generally healthy eating advice as well as create therapeutic diets to assist with managing a range of health conditions. They have the skills and knowledge to navigate through the maze of nutrition information and determine what is relevant to your personal goals, health needs, tastes, lifestyle and activity levels.

Why do Optimum Intake Dietitian’s stand out from the crowd?

We know that being healthy is more than just the foods we eat, it also relies on a healthy attitude towards nutrition and an appreciation of how the human body functions. Our integrative approach sets us apart from other dietitian services, we address both the nutritional and behavioural aspects of eating to support your health and lifestyle. We view our role as dietitians in the prevention and treatment of health conditions, to also include establishing a positive relationship with all foods, forming healthy eating practices and a balanced view towards eating.

Here at Optimum Intake we are undertaking a new approach to health and well-being, to bring people an alternative to restrictive dieting in their quest for improved health. We want move you away from the restrictive dieting mentality (where the success rate is at best, 5%) as it doesn’t lead to improvements in health, both physically or mentally. It is called Intuitive Eating or the Non-Dieting Approach to health. We want you to feel energised after seeing us and learning about this new approach. We want you to feel satisfied with the food you choose to eat and to really experience the pleasure of eating once again.

Seeking the assistance from a Dietitian is not a one-and-done experience. You don’t just service your car once and expect it to drive well forever. Every person is unique, complex and requires guidance and support to establish sustainable change to have long lasting results. We value your time and contribution in sharing your life and eating experiences with us, so we can learn how to best support you and your nutritional needs. We recommended that you invest with your time and energy to make a real impact on your life, we require you to trust in the process of change, while we create a unique plan, prioritising with what is most important to you and what will bring about the best health transformation.

Our Vision and Guiding Principles

To inspire health and wellbeing through the enjoyment, satisfaction and the simplicity of food in the delivery of our nutrition services to the community.

We promote a food first approach, supplement when necessary, simplified nutrition strategies and recommendations.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Client Centred Compassionate Care
  • Non Diet Approach
  • Intuitive Eating
  • Health At Every Size Aligned Services
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Evidence Based Interventions
  • No BS Nutrition Advice
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Our Philosophy: Non-Diet Approach + Intuitive Eating

The non-diet approach does not involve weighing and measuring foods or your body, it does not require detailed food diaries, extensive forward planning and timing of meals, specific calorie plans or the use of ‘diet’ foods. What is does allow for is the client to build their own knowledge, skills and confidence in what is appropriate, at any given time, to nourish their body in appropriate amounts, enabling self-regulation.

The non-diet approach helps the client make positive improvements in both their physiological and psychological health. Optimum Intake Dietitians flexible and personalised approach to nutrition is designed to help our clients achieve long term improvements in their health.

The non-diet approach to health is an attuned and mindful-based eating approach that supports self-esteem and body acceptance.  It replicates a normalised style of eating which prevents the development of disordered and eating disorders. The Non-Diet Approach shifts one from thinking about how much weight they need to lose in order to be healthy to instead thinking more about how they can learn to love the body they have and what behaviours actually promote health in their daily life.  It is instead a much more gentle approach, allowing the client to build skills and confidence in their own innate ability to select appropriate foods for their body in appropriate amounts.

The Non-Diet Approach believes in:

  • Total health enhancement and well-being, rather than weight loss or achieving a specific ideal weight
  • Self-acceptance and respect for the diversity of healthy, beautiful bodies rather than the pursuit of an idealised weight at all costs
  • The pleasure of eating well based on internal cues of hunger and satiety rather than on external food plans or diets
  • The joy of movement, encouraging all physical activities rather than prescribing a specific exercise routine

This method is showing promising clinical and psychological results as one of the most helpful, least harmful ways to assist those with weight concerns. For more information on this approach visit www.healthnotdiets.com.