Optimum Intake can provide professional sports nutrition advice for amateur or professional athletes and sporting teams. We will address the unique issues that pertain to you and your sport to provide you and your team with a competitive edge.

We offer services that provide both individual and group/team options.

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Individual Consultations

As an athlete it is important to know that nutrition plays an essential role in performance, we will provide you with an individualised nutrition plan specific to your needs based on your daily training schedule and competition/event as well as your own food preferences. We will also educated you on what nutrients you require and which foods contain them and whether supplements or specific sports products are required. As an athlete it is so important to understand how your body works and exactly what type of foods your body requires to perform at the highest possible level. Having your nutrition under control and having the knowledge of an individualised eating plan is not only important for your career as an athlete but for life in general.

Team Presentations / Seminars

Our presentations and seminars involve up-to-date nutritional information including practical nutritional advice and exercises based around preparation of food and meal planning tailored for specific sporting requirements. They are delivered in a user friendly manner, and we encourage audience involvement and reflections on athletes current dietary experiences and food preferences. Our presentations can range from topics around basic nutrition of macronutrients to more speicalised issues based on the target audiences requirements. Each presentation includes practical nutrition advice, appropriate handouts, and a summary sheet for athletes to take home.

Some of the important topics for sports people and teams include:

  • Supplements in sport
  • Hydration and sports drinks
  • Increasing strength and muscle mass
  • Losing or maintaining weight
  • Increasing endurance
  • Eating for training, pre-event/post event / during event, performance, and recovery
  • Meal planning while travelling
  • Carbohydrate loading

*Each topic can be tailored to your specific sporting requirements age and competition level.

Other services of interest for individual/team could include:

Shopping tour – looking at foods most appropriate for your sport requirements including meal and snack options that are cheap, easy, quick and healthy to prepare.

Cooking classes based on easy, quick and healthy meals that the athletes can prepare either after training or on the road to help keep them fuelled but also use minimal ingredients and preparation.

*Fees will depend on numbers attending, materials required.

Sports Nutrition Handouts

We also offer ‘Nutrition For Sport’ PDF handouts, all containing easy to understand nutrition advice and practical tips. Suggested topics include:

  • Hydration and sports drinks
  • Macronutrients in sport
  • Eating and drinking before sport
  • Eating and drinking during sport and recovery
  • Meal planning while travelling
  • Carbohydrate loading