Our NESS Program is Specifically Designed to Optimise Bariatric Nutrition Care

Undergoing a bariatric surgery procedure is only one part of the journey to assist you in losing weight and regaining health, fitness, self esteem and quality of life. After surgery you need to learn how to use the tools provided to get the optimum benefit from it. For this reason, you need a team of different health professionals working with you to achieve your best results. Our experience in bariatric surgery nutrition will form an essential part of your weight loss journey and will provide education both pre and post surgery.

Bariatric Dieititian

Optimum Intake Dietitians will provide you with dietary education on how to change not only what, but how you eat and how to manage the challenge of getting all the nutrition your body needs within the constraints of the procedure. Although the eating changes can sound simple, in reality, breaking years of eating habits can be hard and your team is there to support you through both the successes and setbacks along the way. Our dietitians will perform a comprehensive nutrition assessment to identify, prevent, or correct deficiencies both before the procedure and after. From experience we have found that this support and education is fundamental to long-term success with bariatric surgery.

Optimum Intake has specifically designed a bariatric surgery care package for our clients to maximise the support we can provide you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. 

Our NESS Package

The package includes a detailed dietary assessment and preparation consultation to get you set up for the weeks prior to your surgery. Following your operation we will provide you with an intensive education and support program which includes education on food texture, food variety and options and food quantity for both the adjustment phase and maintenance phase.  We take into consideration your nutritional requirements and educate you in order to prevent nutrient deficiencies and long term malnutrition. We also work to improve your relationship with food and make eating an enjoyable experience again long term. In order to provide maximum support this package includes the flexibility of email contact throughout your journey allowing you to ask questions as they arise. (for a 12 month term).

Additional or ongoing appointments beyond 12 months are available if needed and can be discussed with your dietitian at that point in time. *Additional costs will apply.

[Download Our Bariatric Care Brochure]

Psychology Services

Optimum Intake can provide psychological assessment and support to those undergoing bariatric surgery. Concurrent interventions with a Dietitian and Psychologist can be very effective. Please consult our Myrtle Oak Clinic website or psychology brochure for more information or call 0499 008 451 to discuss. 

For all enquiries and to start your NESS program with us please call our office on 0499 008 451 to make your first consultation booking.

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bariatric ghosh dietitian

Optimum Intake are the preferred dietitian team working alongside Coast Surgery, a bariatric surgery clinic located on the Central Coast. Dr Simon Ghosh leads the team at Coast Surgery, he is a consultant General and Laparoscopic (keyhole) surgeon specialising in Bariatric weight loss surgery. Dr Ghosh is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons Australia in General Surgery and has undertaken further formal training in Bariatric Surgery with Dr George Hopkins at the Royal Brisbane Hospital & Holy Spirit Private Hospital. Coast Surgery understands the complexity of health for individuals living in larger bodies and believes in a holistic approach to your care. Engaging you with a team of health professionals such as our team of dieticians, psychologists, physicians and exercise specialists, we are able to provide the necessary supports and solutions to ensure success after weight loss surgery. This team approach provides a tailored solution to help you reach your health goals and achieve a more active and fulfilling lifestyle. More information about Coast Surgery can be found on their website: https://www.coastsurgery.com.au/