Dietitians are the key member of the team between clinical care and food service in Residential Aged Care Facilities. We are skilled in assessing and communicating on a clinical level, however, have a thorough understanding on how this can be challenging transferring through to food service and catering team members. Care teams working within food service are caring and want to see adequate nutrition delivered to consumers in their facility. Optimum Intake Dietitians supports this process of communicating between clinical and catering teams, ensuring that the appropriate nutrition care is provided.

Optimum Intake Dietitians can assist with:

  • Recommendations for nutrition care directly to members of catering
  • Consultation with Chef and Catering Managers regarding therapeutic foods or food fortification
  • Staff workshops and education
  • Meal size and protein portions
  • Menu Planning
  • Accommodating for allergies and intolerances