Enjoyable food, mealtime experience and nutritional quality is essential for the physical, mental, social, and emotional wellbeing of older Australians. A menu review is a helpful tool to identify meal adequacy and any gaps in nutrition for your consumers. It is estimated that high rates of malnutrition can be linked back to a nutritionally inadequate menu. Research indicates if a facility is experiencing >30% malnutrition rates in their consumers, benefits are seen by reviewing the food supply and menu plans. Hence why the menu review and nutritional adequacy are so important.

Each of our Menu Review service options has the benefit of an onsite component or virtual real-time observation. Optimum Intake Dietitians work within guidelines from the Aged Care Quality Standards, to ensure that all indicators are addressed. We position ourselves as key communicators between clinical care teams and food service teams, bringing together processes for optimal quality care. Our detailed report provides an effective, specific, and actionable recommendations to improve the adequacy of your menu. Our reviews include:

  • An on-site visit to the facility
  • Discussions with care teams and catering team members
  • Review of meal serves and portion sizes
  • Review of therapeutic diets
  • Mealtime assessments
  • Weekly analysis of menu review
  • Analysis sample of recipes to determine adequate portioning of key nutrients per consumer serve
  • Comprehensive report, recommendations, and outcomes

We acknowledge that site visits are at times not possible, and we do offer a remote menu review option. In this case, Optimum Intake Dietitians will organise an online meeting to ensure we conduct a thorough assessment.