Immediate referral to the dietitian will reduce the delay in initiation of enteral feeding, which presents an immediate risk of dehydration and malnutrition when that is the sole or significant source of nutrition for the person. Where an enteral feed has been commenced during a hospital admission, referral to Optimum Intake Dietitians on discharge can ensure a safe handover of care and appropriate follow up to optimise resident health outcomes. Optimum Intake Dietitians have the skills and knowledge to assist with monitoring and modifying the feed regime as well as accessing and caring for enteral feed equipment such as feeding tubes and feeding pumps.

It is best practice for consumers requiring Enteral Nutrition Feeding to be reassessed by an Accredited Practising Dietitian every 6 months to ensure that:

  • The feeding regimen remains optimal for consumer needs
  • The consumer continues to tolerate supplement
  • Review PEG/NG hygiene, safety considerations
  • Consult with PEG Care Nursing Specialists as required