Optimum Intake has a guiding principle for a Food First – Supplement where necessary approach to nutrition. We understand that oral nutritional supplements can be a significant cost to aged care facilities, having optimal benefit when used therapeutically and not simply to substitute for suboptimal food supply. Wastage can occur when supplements tolerance and enjoyment is not regularly monitored, flavour fatigue can decrease compliance to supplement regimes leading to dislike by consumers.

We assist to optimise the benefits of supplements by reviewing individuals’ compliance and impact to health goals from each regime over time and ceasing supplements when required to avoid unnecessary usage. Optimum Intake Dietitians Oral Supplement Reviews can save facilities a substantial amount of dollars in their budget, particularly from supplement wastage (flavour fatigue). Our dietitians have a network of health professionals and alliances in our community to connect consumers to the products of their preference, including:

  • Pre-thickened supplements (for dysphagia)
  • Allergy and Intolerance specific products
  • Nutrition powders for food fortifications
  • Range of supplements including milk based, fruit based and savoury products.