Optimum Intake Dietitians provide comprehensive nutrition and dietary reviews for individual consumers. Our service includes assessing for current nutritional needs, dietary challenges or concerns and health goals related to chronic conditions.

Optimum Intake Dietitians provide a compassionate, dedicated nutrition care service which is aligned with the Aged Care Quality Standards. All aspects of our assessment process consider the individual needs, goals and wishes of the consumer. We contribute towards the nutrition care plan and provide a report with specific, actionable recommendations to improve nutrition and health outcomes. We recommend follow up care and follow the Nutrition Care Process, to ensure that our plan has been implemented and the consumer is satisfied and content.

Nutrition interventions at times need to be further modified to meet the individuals needs. During this review process we prioritise liaising with medical, nursing and food service staff to ensure optimum care. Our recommendations align with our core values of the ‘food first – supplement where necessary’ approach, ensuring we utilise and fortify food options first, increasing the enjoyment of the mealtime experience while remaining cost effective, before implementing a supplement regime.

Dietitians can implement Medical Nutrition Therapy for a variety of health concerns, beyond the typical referral for weight loss / malnutrition.

Reasons to refer to a dietitian for an individual services can include:

  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Chronic wounds
  • Diabetes
  • Dysphagia
  • Texture modified diets
  • Bowel and gut issues
  • Food allergy and intolerances
  • Dementia
  • Nutrition & hydration for quality of life (particularly where use of oral nutrition supplements are prescribed)

A visit from Optimum Intake Dietitians Aged Care team is encouraged on fortnightly to monthly basis. However, details can be arranged to meet the needs of your facility.

Remote individual consumer services are also available should an onsite visit not be possible. To improve the current access for dietary services within residential aged care facilities’ and to support their consumers who have complex nutritional needs, we have developed a unique and streamlined approach to remote services that allow for flexibility during this unstable time of Covid-19. We are offering facilities a choice between three different modes of nutritional service delivery: Standard On-Site, Limited-contact On-Site or Remote Telehealth Services. Residents who require higher level of Medical Nutrition Therapy and Dietary Management will receive a coordinated care approach via any of the three modes of service delivery. On-site remains our preferred method of visit. However, we acknowledge it’s not always possible. Should your site feel a remote assessment is a better fit, we will provide the following:

  • An assessment document outlining the required information for your team to complete
  • A scheduled meeting (online or phone) with care team
  • Discussion of relevant issues relating to the nutrition care of the consumer with care teams
  • If appropriate speak to the consumer via phone or online
  • Complete a comprehensive report with relevant and actionable recommendations, for both clinical and catering teams