Grocery store

What is going on with the lettuce? And sky high grocery bills..

We’ve all noticed a change to our regular supermarket trip, particularly with our grocery bills. However, there are a few things we can do to optimise our nutrition during this time, whilst remaining budget-friendly. Why is food getting more expensive? With the inflated prices on petrol, and the staff shortages related to the coronavirus, these…



Plant-based Diets – are they worth the hype?

Plant-based diets have become popular in recent years, but what do they entail and are they really worth the hype? It is often thought that plant-based eating means to follow a plant-exclusive diet such as vegan or vegetarian, however, this is not necessarily the case! Consuming a plant-based diet does not mean that you must…



Nelson Bay Dietitian Services

Optimum Intake are excited to announce that we have expanded our Dietitian services in the Nelson Bay area. Our dietitian, Shannon, had been delivering nutrition services under our Paediatric Dietitian and Adult Dietitian teams within the Nelson Bay and Port Stephens area for the past 12 months. There is a huge local need for dietitian…


Mental health diet

Mental Health and Diet. Is there a Link?

Our mental health is an important link to our quality of life and often plays second fiddle to our physical health. Have you ever wondered if your diet quality impacts your mental health? Or are you seeing a link between lowered mental health and extra challenges this brings to eat well. If you experience lower…


enternal feed

What happens if you struggle to swallow food and liquids

Have you ever wondered how you would receive nourishing meals and fluids if you had difficulty with swallowing? How would you ensure that your body received the vitamins and energy needed to grow and function every day if you couldn’t eat food? There are many reasons that lead to someone being at risk of aspiration…


ny 2022

Are you setting a ‘New Years Resolution’ this year?

Within this holiday period many of us decide to set one or multiple goals around things we would like to change or do differently within our lives. These goals can be either short or long term and often relate to our work, health or finances. Setting goals is great, however it is important to make…


Eating Christmas lunch

Managing unwanted food and body comments this Christmas

The festive season is all about spending time with family and friends and sharing delicious food together. Thanks to COVID, we may not have seen some family and friends in months and our eating habits and behaviours may have changed along with our body. Food and body talk can often come up over the Christmas-New…


Iron foods

Is my child getting enough iron from their food?

Do you think your child is looking a bit pale, more moody than usual, complaining of being extra tired or getting lightheaded? They could potentially have low iron levels or stores. Iron deficiency is very common in young children who could be more on the fussy side of eating, growing really quickly or are not…


Women different body sizes

What is Health at Every Size®?

And what Diet Culture has taught us about health  Health at Every Size® (or also referred to as HAES) is an inclusive approach which promotes health behaviors without discriminating or shaming individuals on their weight status. HAES also delves a little deeper than just weight as it helps us to recognize that health is impacted…


Kids eating

Help with Family Mealtimes

Family mealtimes can be stressful. It’s a time where we are often tired and unwinding for the day. Parents of fussy or picky eaters are often well versed in the Mealtime Tango. Parents offering, child declining, child diverting, parents getting stressed, child leaving the table without having eaten, parents feeling they need to offer something…