Optimum Intake Dietitians Coronavirus Update

Optimum Intake Dietitians are committed to delivering services in a safe, practical and innovative way during the coronavirus pandemic. How will we do that? We ask all clients, staff and visitors not to come to clinic or go ahead with a home visit if they have cold or flu like symptoms or have been exposed…


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Paediatric Dietitian at KidsPoint Mingara

Many children can struggle to become competent eaters and parents often find meal times frustrating and stressful. Some children may struggle with managing different textures and flavours and end up with a reduced variety of foods. This reduced variety can impact their health, growth and development, lead to social anxiety when eating with friends at…


Hunter Dietitian Clinic

Nutrition at Hunter Kidney Clinic

We are very excited to offer our clinical services at the Hunter Kidney Clinic. Our Accredited Practising Dietitian Rachel Tutill is the new Renal Dietitian providing services at both the Gateshead and Maitland clinics. Rachel has had the privilege of meeting and working alongside previous dietitian Jessica Stevenson during this handover period. Rachel is working…


School Lunch

Help your children listen to their body when eating.

Is how we parent teaching our children to disregard their natural body signals of when to eat and when to stop eating? Over time we see a distrust in listening to our bodies which are designed biologically to send signals to seek food and eat when hungry and then our body sends signals as we…


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School Lunchbox Reward System – Parent Letters

It is the start of the school year and even though we are only a few weeks into the term, already I am hearing stories (both in my personal life, from colleagues and via social media) that some schools are monitoring school lunch boxes. As a mother myself with school/pre-school aged children, I too make…


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Approaching New Year Resolutions in a New Way

Make sure this year you are not part of the 80% of people who fail to achieve their New Year Resolutions. At this time of year many of us think about making resolutions or changes for the coming year. We think about a goal we can set for ourselves, whether it be a financial, work…


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Autism Spectrum Disorders and Dietitian Interventions

Autism Spectrum Disorders (Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHA, anxiety disorders) Accredited Practising Dietitians (APDs) are the experts in food and nutrition with skills to translate scientific nutrition information into personalised, practical dietary advice. They have the knowledge and skills to advise patients on how to prevent and manage an array of health conditions through dietary intervention.…


What is FODMAPs?

FODMAPs are a specific group of carbohydrate based food molecules that are not digested by the body as well as others. The ability for our bodies to digest these food molecules can differ from person to person, and some may experience different symptoms due to poor digestion. The types of carbohydrates exist in our diet…