Iron foods

Is my child getting enough iron from their food?

Do you think your child is looking a bit pale, more moody than usual, complaining of being extra tired or getting lightheaded? They could potentially have low iron levels or stores. Iron deficiency is very common in young children who could be more on the fussy side of eating, growing really quickly or are not…


Women different body sizes

What is Health at Every Size®?

And what Diet Culture has taught us about health  Health at Every Size® (or also referred to as HAES) is an inclusive approach which promotes health behaviors without discriminating or shaming individuals on their weight status. HAES also delves a little deeper than just weight as it helps us to recognize that health is impacted…


Kids eating

Help with Family Mealtimes

Family mealtimes can be stressful. It’s a time where we are often tired and unwinding for the day. Parents of fussy or picky eaters are often well versed in the Mealtime Tango. Parents offering, child declining, child diverting, parents getting stressed, child leaving the table without having eaten, parents feeling they need to offer something…


Telehealth image

Optimising Dietitian Online Services

Changes in our world have seen a huge shift to telehealth. Optimum Intake Dietitians have adapted to this change and developed skills in telehealth to support you on your health journey. See our tips below to help optimize your telehealth experience and continue working towards your health and nutrition goals. Positives Increased access and flexibility…


Nutrition and Dementia

Nutrition support for someone living with dementia

Nutrition and Dementia: Tips for Care Givers Eating and drinking is something we all do every day, often without a second thought. But what happens when the people we love experience behavioural, emotion or physical changes that completely change their relationship with food? Many people living with Dementia experience symptoms such as a poor appetite,…


Malnutrition in Aged Care

Do you have a family member who lives in a residential aged care facility? Many people report that at times they worry about their loved one’s health and quality of food provided. Recently, it was found that over half of nursing home residents are either at risk of malnutrition or are malnourished, with as little…


Enjoying Icecream

Four Myths about Working with a Dietitian

Have you invested in your health by working with a dietitian before? We believe that everyone can benefit from a nutrition check-up with our dietitians. Just like every car needs a yearly service to keep the engine running smoothly, our bodies needs change over time and so does our nutritional requirements. Optimum Intake Dietitians can…


NDIS Dietian Image

Cooking in Disability

Cooking is a valuable skill in life and is something that a lot of us learn over time, becoming second nature. For others however, cooking can be a difficult task and for those who maybe didn’t learn how to cook, those who don’t have access to cooking facilities or for those living with a permanent…


Abdominal & Diarrhoea

Could you have Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

Do you experience unpredictable diarrhoea, abdominal pain, bloody stools, fever, and fatigue? Have you ever spoken to your doctor about these symptoms? Perhaps you may have undiagnosed Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) includes both Crohn’s Disease (CD) and Ulcerative Colitis (UC). It is a life-long relapsing and remitting condition characterised by chronic inflammation…



Food, Your Gut and Impact on Your Mood

If you feel happier in the warmer months and notice yourself eating a greater variety of fresh, seasonal produce compared to the cooler months, it may not just be the sunshine lifting your mood. Ever wonder why you feel butterflies in your stomach when you are nervous or excited? Or why you feel sick to…