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Morgan Boughton BN&D APD (Hons)

Morgan has three main areas of interest when supporting her clients to optimal nutrition: Women’s health, renal nutrition where she works in specialised clinics to assist clients with these conditions as well as being Optimum Intake’s Residential Aged Care Facility Team Leader. Across all three domains of nutrition, Morgan works within the inclusive Health at Every Size model and treats all patients with integrity and respect. She prioritises her client’s outcomes on physical health as well as mental and emotional wellbeing. Morgan has developed extensive knowledge and experience across multiple areas including clinic consultations, hospital setting, community aged care and residential aged care as a dietitian in managing a range of chronic and acute conditions. She enjoys assisting her clients in the nutrition management of their specific requirements and conditions, while being wildly passionate about celebrating the enjoyment, taste and satisfaction of food.

Women’s Health

Morgan works at Hunter Valley Specialist Clinic in East Maitland alongside Gynaecologist Dr Sneha Joshi. She provides tailored nutrition advice to assist in managing women’s health conditions such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome ( PCOS), endometriosis, weight concerns, insulin resistance, pregnancy and fertility, healthy aging to improving the nutritional intake specific to each person’s individual requirements. She provides personalised and specific advice that easy to understand and can be incorporated into her patient’s day to day lives. Morgan understands that food is an important part of our lives and works with her women’s health patients to provide an appropriate balance to manage their conditions and continue to enjoy all aspects of food.

Renal Health

Morgan also works at Hunter Kidney Clinic at Gateshead where she assists clients in managing Chronic Kidney Disease and other renal conditions. She understands the misleading information available regarding nutrition & kidney health and helps her patients understand how this information may be relevant to their own personal situation. She sets achievable goals and measurable goals with her patients to help them manage their kidney disease.

Residential Aged Care

Morgan is a proud Team Leader for Residential Aged Care Facilities within Optimum Intake. She visits facilities in Newcastle and the Central Coast and feels strongly for improving the nutrition quality for aged care residents by supporting facilities to optimise their food service. Morgan works with collaboratively with individuals, facility staff and food service teams when assessing the facilities’ menus. She is a firm believer in the food first approach and is passionate about improving nutrition within our aged care sector.

Morgan Boughton is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and a proud member of the Optimum Intake team. She graduated from the University of Newcastle with Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours).

Morgan looks forward to meeting you, assisting you in reaching your nutrition goals and building a strong foundation for a healthy life.