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Sarah Fitzgerald BFood&Nutr and MDiet

Sarah is a compassionate dietitian and an enthusiastic member of Optimum Intake’s Aged Care Team. She is dedicated to providing individualised nutrition care to consumers living in Residential Aged Care Facilities as well as those in the local community, living at home.
Sarah uses a client centered, collaborative approach. She is passionate about educating consumers about the relationship between their health condition and what they eat, to empower them to make informed choices to improve their health and quality of life.
Within the Aged Care setting, Sarah advocates for her consumers and works with them, their families, aged care staff and the food service team to help achieve the best possible health outcomes.

Sarah is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and a member of Dietitians Australia. Sarah graduated from Deakin University with a Master of Dietetics and joined the Optimum Intake team in 2023. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys hiking, travelling, cooking and baking.
Sarah’s key interest areas include working with individuals with malnutrition and chronic diseases such as diabetes, using a non-diet, health at every size approach.

Sarah is committed to providing evidence-based care to optimise nutrition in the elderly. She is looks forward to continuing to build positive relationships with individuals living in Aged Care Facilities and living independently at home.