Laura See BN&D APD (Hons)

Laura is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and a member of the Dietitian’s Association of Australia, with a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours) from the University of Newcastle. She enjoys working with clients to manage diet related conditions such as food allergies and intolerances, irritable bowel syndrome, cardiovascular disease, malnutrition, insulin resistance and diabetes. Laura is passionate about helping all her clients to develop a healthy relationship with food by using a Non-Diet Approach and working within the Health at Every Size paradigm to support a healthy mind and body. She also assists clients who have undergone bariatric surgery to navigate through their recovery, prioritizing self-care, nourishment and a healthy relationship with food and body. Laura understands that food plays a crucial part in our day to day lives and endeavours to help make food an enjoyable, stress free experience for everyone. In her spare time, Laura loves travelling, beach days, and enjoying delicious meals with friends and family.

Laura is actively involved in continual professional development in her interest area of bariatric surgery, supporting individuals through the surgical journey from pre-operative nutrition assessments, ongoing nutritional management and helping clients post-surgery with changing eating habits.