Vanessa Hamilton

Vanessa Hamilton BN&D APD (Hons)

Vanessa is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and a member of Dietitian’s Australia. Her passion for Dietetics derives from her love of both food and science. Vanessa’s current role with Optimum Intake is with supporting people with disabilities and families with child nutritional concerns. She has an enthusiastic approach with all her clients and is dedicated to forming long term connections with clients as well as ensuring she is a meeting her client’s needs by utilising a client-centred approach.
Vanessa enjoys encouraging clients and their support network to put strategies in place to achieve her clients health, nutrition and life goals. Working collaboratively within a multidisciplinary team approach and ensuring consistent communication with all involved, has led Vanessa to confidently achieve positive outcomes for her clients. She is aware of the many challenge to eating well, particularly for people with a disability and can provide tailored, practical strategies that fit within each physical, neurological and psychosocial ability to achieve good nutrition status and support optimal health outcomes .
She has a passion for working with parents around creating competent happy eaters, children with complex food histories and is able to collaboratively work with children and their parents to increase food variety, assist with growth concerns, address allergies or intolerances, manage gastrointestinal issues and improve overall health outcomes.
Vanessa’s approach is simple, sensible and supportive to ensure each client receives a tailored approach which promotes optimal nutritional benefits as well as focusing on goals and outcomes.
Vanessa graduated with a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours) from the University of Newcastle and commenced working with Optimum Intake Dietitians in 2021.
Outside of work, Vanessa enjoys going to the gym, having a coffee with her friends and walking her dog Penny! Vanessa looks forward to supporting your journey to optimal nutrition